General building products

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We supply a full range of glass fibre materials for industrial insulations and fire protection with:

  • Aluminium coatings
  • Silicon coatings
  • Weave lock
  • Carbon fibre finish

All products come with various temperature and flame protection ratings.

Please call or email us with your specific requirements.

We can also supply a vast range of products for the welding industry including:

  • Welding Blankets for all applications
  • Fixed Frame Curtains + Strip
  • Mobile Frame Curtains + Strip
  • Protective clothing
  • Clear PVC strip for partition barriers
  • Smoke Curtains (tailored to fit any size)
  • Gouging Hoods

All welding blankets can be made to order.

Rock salt
High quality de-icing rock salt. Order by the pallet - 40 bags per pallet (25Kg per bag). Please call us to place your order.

Cable ties
Ty-fast flame retardant cable ties are made from natural VO nylon.
100mm x 2.5mm
140mm x 2.5mm
200mm x 4.5mm
360mm x 7.5mm

Monarflex scaffold sheeting
Available now in various sizes. Please call us with your requirements.

Debris netting
Supplied in 2m and 3m wide, standard rolls in green, blue, red, yellow, orange, black and white flame retardant in stock for immediate delivery, together with Cable ties for easy fixing. We can also offer a vented sheet, a cross between a solid sheet and a debris net, normally used when very high winds are anticipated.

Monarflex nylon reinforced polythene tarpaulins with extra strong rubber eyelets and lightweight blue woven polypropylene tarpaulins with brass eyelets. Both available from stock in various sizes. We also have in stock 220m coils of blue rope for tying down.

Safety flooring
A ribbed polypropylene extruded board, which is easy to handle, durable, non toxic, waterproof and very strong. It is quick and simple to cut and is ideal for all manner of site protection. Available in 1m x 2.4m boards either black or translucent, standard or flame retardent to LPS 1207.

Anti-fatigue matting
Suited for use where machine hands, production line personnel and bench workers spend long periods of time standing. Designed to ease and redistribute pressure through the feet, legs and back and reduce effects of impact shock and heavy lifting. We offer a range of mats with qualities such as hard wearing abrasive & corrosive resistant surfaces, air cushioning, coloured borders, edge ramps for easy access, surface drainage and anti-static properties.

Latex sheeting
We supply latex sheeting by the metre in rolls up to 920mm wide and thicknesses of 0.45mm (red, blue & black), 0.38mm (Food Quality Blue) and 0.25mm (clear), supplied on 52cm wide rolls. Industrial latex is suitable for diaphrams, seals and gaskets, release films, membranes, furniture, and materials handling. Latex sheeting is available in a range of colours.

Work wear
We can supply name branded clothing including Fruit of the Loom, DeWalt, Regalta, Dickies and CAT. All our jackets, trousers, boots, gloves, fleeces, hats, glasses and hi-vis jackets can be embroided with a company logo.